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ABOUT THIS CONTENT No more small houses with dozens of little rooms - size is what really counts! Glass roofs, plate glass windows for walls and a ceiling many feet above your head - this is how kings live! Take run-down tenement houses and old industrial buildings - factories, large commercial buildings and warehouses - and turn them into luxury apartments. Moonrise Bay residents are customers that have high expectations. They are willing to invest a lot of money in a home that will make them proud. As well as adhering to the highest standards, you will have to get a feel for the specific tastes of your customers even if they don’t already have any. With new possibilities to insert windows or create swimming pools inside houses, you will be able to design interiors by making your wildest dreams come true - nothing will stand in your way! If modern furniture is not your cup of tea, you can try to renovate furniture from past centuries. It will not be an easy job, but the end result will bring you a lot of satisfaction. Utilizing classic furniture doesn't mean giving up comfort. With smart devices, you can control your entire home! Change the colors of the lights, close and open the doors - everything without getting up out of your chair! With the Luxury Flipper game expansion, we are putting right into your hands dozens of types of new furniture: classic contemporary, antique and modern. The multitude of varieties of color and modular sets will allow you to modify any room to fit your vision of the perfect home. It's time to visit Moonrise Bay!

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